About me, Graham Lauren

Just as in your own company, every mind in every rival business with which you compete is now better connected than ever before.

And the degree of precision with which those minds can drill down into, amplify and articulate our problems and challenges is unprecedented. 

This makes it only a matter of time before someone sets a new standard for the ways in which they learn to organise the intelligence, tools and knowledge currently hidden within their business.

Yet, at the new knowledge frontier of the social internet, many businesses fail to recognise that their collective workplace intelligence is a key competitive resource that can and must now repeatedly be investigated, captured, interrogated, narrated, steered and enhanced.

To this end, as a working journalist, by getting myself appropriately educated, I’ve qualified myself to make my special discipline the discovery and internal reporting of workplace knowledge, with its refinement and growth as my aim.

I am a practising feature writer and former sub-editor – a key fact-checking, sense-making and quality control editorial role in all professional media – on the pages of The Australian Financial Review newspaper group in Sydney.

I have an MBA (Technology) from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, whose focus is on creating and managing the businesses of the future, addressing changes driven by advances in digital and networked technology.

Besides my extensive media experience, I have also put in editorial time at the corporate social workplace coalface, as I subsequently also worked, using the relevant workplace social technologies, at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia at its Sydney headquarters.

At the CBA, my daily work involved using Atlassian’s Confluence wiki – a prime workplace social technology – to make sense of and turn into usable technical documentation the contributions of a diverse range of workplace contributors on a deep digital transformation project in its 200-strong software development team.

And because while I was there I learnt a lot more about how to do it better, I am chasing an opening that perhaps few others have yet seen.

This is to bring new sense to the undeclared, tacit knowledge of businesses as a platform for their future learning and transformation, using the best internal communication tools ever invented for the purpose.

Contact me:  61 + (0)416 171724  graham@shiroarchitects.com

A former client working for the nation's largest bank says this of the value of my work

At CBA, Graham was tasked with building a curated knowledge base for a critical and complex project the bank was undertaking. I served as Graham’s boss during this period and have seen Graham use this project experience, combined with his MBA learning, to evolve a new understanding about how organisations can build ‘corporate memory’ and embed learning processes to better guide leadership insights.

“Based on the many conversations I have had with Graham since, I have seen the passion and knowledge Graham brings to the topic of workplace knowledge capture and organisational learning, grow and mature such that Graham is now an authority on the topic.

“Effective digital learning is an essential capability to acquire for any organisation hoping to have a prosperous future.”

Brian Davis, technology innovator, founder Software Symphony and senior software architect at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.